Our Vision:
We will be the premier location to help
relieve your stress.

Our Mission:
To provide an oasis to recharge, refresh and Just Be through a variety of unique healing therapies and enlightenment. It is our mission to help you craft the true & authentic path that defines you and be comfortable with where you are, where you might want to be and what you might want to become.

Liz's Story

Hi There! My name is Liz Kametz. First off, most importantly, I’m a mom of four children (two special needs, two step-children), with one anxious rescue dog and a husband who together share in our journey of learning and growth. 


Career-wise, I've twisted and turned through corporate America, hospitality and entrepreneurship, with 20 years realizing the biggest systemic problems are ones of human nature and self-growth.

The birth of Just Be came from my own lack of self-care and the recognition that the epidemic of chronic stress, in whatever form that means to you, is real and needs to be addressed.

We are helping solve the chronic stress epidemic by supporting people who are seeking the most efficient and effective way to restore their wellness and find the benefit of unique healing services and most importantly connect with a compassionate community.


Adrienne's Story

Hi, I'm Adrienne Gervais!

I joined Liz in this mission of creating Just Be because self-care isn’t only for restoration, but also something that should allow you to feel passionate about what you choose to do each day.  


I want to create a place where people can come and feel supported and cared for and allow them space where the community and connections will inspire them.