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At Just Be


We are helping solve the chronic stress epidemic by supporting those who are seeking a way to restore their wellness and find benefit in unique healing services.  Be it from the luxury of our spa treatments or the simple care of the relaxing foot infusion soaks, you will find what you need for self-care at Just Be. Your path to restorative wellness through unique healing services & enlightenment is here.

-Just Be the Journey

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Surrender yourself

with Spa Services including massage,  infusion foot soaks and infrared salt sauna

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Honor yourself

with Healing Services including neurofeedback, integrated energy therapy, light therapy and more

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Enlighten yourself

with Workshops & Events focused on holistic living as well as a meditation room

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Delight yourself

with Teas & Products focused on organic, clean living

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Encourage yourself

by becoming a Member for frequent opportunities to Just Be

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Connect yourself

by reserving a wellness room and expand your business


"I'm so happy I found you!  The foot soak and tea was amazing!"

"I'm coming back with my friends! I can't wait to share this gem!"

"I have Lupus and was skeptical of my health & safety, but I can honestly say I felt so safe, comfortable, and it's exactly what I needed!"

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"